Death metal deviants Gorguts stream their mindbending new EP in full

Gorguts press photo 2016 by Jimmy Hubbard
(Image credit: Jimmy Hubbard)

Propelled forward by the tireless creative urges of guitarist Luc Lemay, Gorguts have been pushing the boundaries of extreme metal for more than two decades.

Initially a straightforward death metal band, the Quebec crew have made a habit of torching rulebooks and breaking sonic taboos, producing seminal albums like 1998’s hugely influential Obscura and 2013’s mindbending Colored Sands along the way. But even by their own exploratory standards, new EP, Pleiades’ Dust - due to emerge from the Season Of Mist Records nebula on May 13 - is a wildly adventurous and progressive piece of warped brutality.

Thirty-three minutes in length and composed of several distinct movements, not to mention a great deal of scabrous dissonance and the eeriest of atmospheres, it was inspired by ‘House Of Wisdome’, a medieval library in Baghdad that hosted many extraordinary scientific and academic breakthroughs during the so-called Golden Age Of Islam. Thanks to the band and label, we have an exclusive premier of the EP in its full, mind-rewiring glory, so anyone doubting Gorguts’ ability to keep expanding death metal’s primitive blueprint into alien realms simply needs to dive into this meandering monolith and witness the sound of infernal genius in action below!

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Dom Lawson

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