Code Orange: Strange Fruit

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd as a true original today but, since their inception, the band formerly known as Code Orange Kids have stuck out like a goth at a funfair.

Refreshingly, they are almost impossible to categorise or attach to a scene as they range from cinematic, lengthy passages of ambience to rabid, uncontrollable hardcore noise. Their ‘related artists’ on Spotify range from melodic new grungers Superheaven to masters of gothic-tinged sludgy metal, Twitching Tongues.

“We’ve always taken comfort in making people uncomfortable,” smiles drumming co-vocalist Jami Morgan. “We’ve never felt part of a scene. We’ve toured with great bands like Nails and War Hungry but always feel different to everyone around us. That’s a positive thing.”

Rising to prominence with their ferocious 2012 breakthrough album, Love Is Love/Return To Dust, Code Orange have proved their willingness to keep moving forward as a creative force on this year’s stunning I Am King. More traditionally heavy, it takes the band’s doomier tendencies and plunges them even further into darkness with the hardcore elements of their sound swapping starring roles for cameos.

“It’s just how we felt when writing,” offers Jami. “We were taking things in that heavier and slower direction and it felt good, but we still love playing faster so that stuff’s still in there. You just have to search harder.”

For I Am King, they decided to lower the vocal contributions of guitarist/vocalist Reba Meyers. As people started to tag them as “the really heavy band with the female vocalist”, they opted to let the music be the talking point for this band rather than gender.

“We shared vocal duties more this time and we wanted to pus Eric [Balderose, guitars] towards the front for obvious reasons,” Jami sighs. “It shouldn’t matter and it doesn’t matter to us really but we didn’t want people just to focus on one thing and that one thing not being the music.”

After releasing an album as sinister, unique and fearless as I Am King, Code Orange can consider that mission accomplished.


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