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The Lazys
The Lazys (Image credit: David Mcdonald Photography)

The LazysHowling Woman
One of those rare songs you need to hear for 15 seconds to understand its brilliance, Howling Woman is the kind of unfiltered, unreconstructed rock’n’roll that Australia seems to specialise in. It’s got a riff that’s bigger than a barn, an even bigger chorus, and a gleeful video that was probably shot on an iPhone for a fiver. AC/DC who?

Blues Pills - Lady In Gold
Our favourite part Swedish/part American/part French rockers are back with a new album – from which this soulful single (and title track) is taken. The normally masculine grim reaper figure is reinvented here as a shiny gold lady, with a penchant for statement eyeliner and a catchy chorus. Although, to be perfectly frank, the make-up makes Elin look a little seasick. And the piano at the beginning is a dead ringer for Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5.

Steve Hackett - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Anyone concerned that Steve Hackett might take TLLDOB off in a brave new calypso or raga direction fear not, for this rendering of the Genesis classic is as delightfully faithful as they come. Close your eyes and it’s 1974 all over again, but without the patchouli or petrol shortages.

Rich Robinson - Which Way Your Wind Blows
With a nod and a wink to Led Zeppelin’s No Quarter, the sultry Which Way Your Wind Blows is from the former Black Crowe’s new album Flux, and very good it is too. It’s a smokey, slow blues that’ll sound brilliant as we cruise the mean, lonely city streets at 3am in our Pontiac Firebird, and other late night fantasies.

Rolling Stones - Miss You
Do do do do dodo do, do do do do dodo do. Yes, it’s one of the most famous vocal motifs in rock’n’roll, and it’s back for another spin around the Blu-ray machine. This version comes from The Stones’ new Stripped Back live film, and it swaggers like a jazz cat in a freshly laundered pimp suit, sexy as hell and stacked with strutting, effortless cool.

King Harvest & The Weight - Bloodsport
This lot were with us just a few week’s ago, and they’re already back for more red hot Track Of The Week action. For Bloodsport — a power pop gem that sounds like The Posies and Steely Dan and all sorts of other people who worship at the glistening shrine of grace and melody — continues the intrepid trio’s pursuit of AOR Nirvana. Bloodsport for all, as someone once said.

Reckless LoveWe Are The Weekend
The band describe themselves as “The Finnish Kings of Merry Metal”, and while that might make them sound a little Christmassy, Reckless Love are certainly no Trans Siberian Orchestra. Indeed, We Are The Weekend is the kind of lively Friday night fare that’ll work at glam rock parties throughout the year. Especially when there’s a hot tub.

Manic Street Preachers - Design For Life (David Wrench Remix)
And now for something completely different. The Manic’s Design For Life isn’t a song that’s been screaming out for a synthpop remix, but David Wrench’s treatment retains the epic sweep of the original and focusses the listeners’ attention on the lyric, which is no bad thing. Libraries equal power, yeah?

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