Classic Rock's Tracks Of The Week

Have the last 10080 minutes taught us anything? Yes, First, that we can’t hold our breath for as long as we thought. And second? That these eight tracks are the finest examples of new rock that appeared during that timespan.

Devin Townsend Project - March Of The Poozers Metal marches are all the rage this week. Here’s Canada’s Mad Professor (how he loves that term) with his latest storming creation from new album_ Z2_, and a cool puppet/animation video to go with. Fergawdssake Disney/Pixar/DreamWorks, give this man a fantasy musical film franchise now!

Joe Perry - Run Run Rudolph Little-known fact: Chuck Berry originally wrote this song to mark Rudolf Hess’s 1941 bizarre solo flight to Scotland. Actually, that’s not a fact at all, but a made-up lie. Another fact, but a real one: this is taken from Joe’s new Christmas EP, and features the famous actor Johnny Depp on rhythm guitar.

Revolution Saints - Turn Back Time In the absence of new music from Journey, this’ll do nicely. Deen Castronovo has the voice of an AOR god, somewhere in-between the other men who’ve fronted Journey, Arnel and Steve, but he plays drums at the same time, which is amazing, a bit like erecting a barn whilst reciting poetry, or something, although that’s clearly not a very good analogy. This is not a cover version of the hit by Aqua, but a melodic rock goliath.

Salems Lott - No Choice To Love A mad scientist steals DNA from members of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, X Japan, Motley Crue, Pretty Boy Floyd and Tigertailz, and this is the Frankenstein result. If that doesn’t sound terrifying enough already, the drummer’s name is Tony F. Corpse.

Torche - Minions You want heavy? How about twenty tons of supreme stoner sludge dropping from the sky? That’s the return of Miami’s masterful metallers Torche, on the march with this stealthy groover. Resistance is futile. You will buy the new album (when it’s out in February), whether you like it or not…

The Wanton Bishops - Sleep With The Lights On Raw, evocative title track from the Beirut blues rock duo’s forthcoming debut LP, due early 2015. If you were expecting actual bishops, you’ll be disappointed. If, like us, you just wondered what take on the blues a pair of Lebanese blokes might have, you’re in for a treat. It’s seriously cool stuff, turning gravelly, roostsy qualities into something dynamic – magnified by a commanding live show.

The Cadillac Three - Party Like You If you cut The Cadillac Three open, they would probably bleed Jack Daniels. Seemingly more than ready to ‘party like you’ (or indeed anyone), the Nashville ‘country fuzz’ trio know a thing or two about partying – reflected in this rollicking good time tune, aired at their sell-out London show this week. It was really good fun. And if this track offers any indication, the next album will be an absolute riot.

Howlin’ Rain - Big Red Moon These Oakland hippy-types are possibly the best band you’ve never heard of, and this new block of unfeasible brilliance marks the precise spot where Neil Young, doolally country styling and cosmic gush collide. In a hadron collider. With a beard.

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