Classic Rock's Tracks of the Week

This week’s selections have been carefully screened and are here to take you by the hand and lead you through the promised land. Of ROCK.

Baroness - Shock Me
This is the first we’ve heard from Baroness since the awful tour bus crash that eventually led to two members departing the fold, and it’s a triumphant return. A low-key synthesiser introduction gives way to a crashing, soaring tune with hints of gaelic melody in the guitar lines and a chorus that makes the heart leap.

Electric Eye - Bless
Thought Norway was all angry black metal? Think again, and consider the hippie-tastic freakiness of Bergen spacecakes Electric Eye. Droned out psych-rock, merging blues and trippy Indian tones, create a commandingly oddball experience.

Deap Vally - Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly. However you say it, it’s a funny name. The video stars Georgia May ‘daughter of Mick’ Jagger and a disappointing lack of actual jelly, but this is a steamy, stylish teaser for the scuzzy rock duo’s new album (due in 2016).

Desert Mountain Tribe - Runway
There’s a touch of early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club about these Londoners – and their darkly woozy, garagey rock’n’roll. Preceding their debut LP (due out in March) Runway provides a sharp, yet atmospheric taste of what’s to come - built on groovy, classic-sounding riffage.

Megadeth - The Threat Is Real
Dave Mustaine recently described the world as “a really good place with some bad people in it,” and we’re certain that this epic chunk of slickly-performed thrash will improve things a little. Thanks Dave.

Hidden Charms - Love You Cause You’re There
Engineered by Shel Talmy — who worked with The Who and The Kinks back in the day — LYCYT lurches along like The White Stripes but with a distinct London R&B snarl. Cock-sure and swaggering.

**Bonfire - **Nothing At All
If we’ve learned anything from witnessing the new video from German rockers Bonfire, it’s that all bands would probably benefit from filming a promo on a clifftop in Greece. For while Nothing At All races along in a most pleasing fashion, the perilous location gives the song an epic, dangerous edge.

Red House Glory - Pray Now
Taken from the band’s forthcoming All Out Of Love EP, Pray Now has a pleasingly Pixie-ish riff and the type of soaraway chorus that Ash’s Tim Wheeler specialises in. Nice.

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