Bloodstock 2014: Krokodil, Prong and Triptykon

Things are taking a turn for the heavy as Bloodstock slowly rolls into the evening.

With only a handful of live shows still under their belts, Hertfordshire six-piece, Krokodil have been building quite the buzz since forming earlier this year. Not surprising really, given a pedigree that includes members of Sikth, Gallows, Cry For Silence and not to mention Radio 1 rock presenter, Dan P. Carter amongst their ranks. It’s great to see then that they have the riffs (and some very fine beards) to back up the hype as they flatten the Sophie stage during a 30 minute set of crushing, groove-ridden filth. Once they have more songs to add to their arsenal, they’ll be unstoppable! (710) (JH)

Though they might not have the same pedigree as other thrash luminaries who have graced Bloodstock’s stage in recent years, Prong are still afforded a hero’s welcome from the assembled ranks. The mid-paced stomp of Unconditional and Rude Awakening get heads moving, but it isn’t until new single Turnover ups the tempo that the requisite thrash circle pit erupts. The colossal riffs of Carved Into Stone are given extra gravity thanks to a perfect festival sound, while the comedic refrain of closers Whose Fist Is This Anyway and Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck result in all manner of daft shapes being thrown down front. (810) (AR)

Making their return to Bloodstock following their triumphant appearance in 2011, Triptykon have rightly drawn a mass of people gathered to give homage to Tom G. Warrior and co, but unfortunately as the last notes of the pulsing instrumental Crucifixus gives way to crushing bleakness of new track Black Snow, it seems that the blackened doom heroes just don’t quite seem to be firing on all cylinders this time around. It’s not that they’re particularly bad, far from it, but with their timing seemingly off somewhat, what should have been a glorious moment today, ends up being simply just okay. (610) (JH)