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Black metal in the desert is the most kvlt thing you will see today

Black metal in the desert

Think of black metal and you’ll conjure images of the frostbitten north, corpsepaint, steel weapons and dark forests. All these things are evil and scary, sure, but is it really the best place for the grimmest and most kvlt bands?

Woods Of Trees’ new song Black Metal In The Desert is an ode to exactly what the name suggests – playing extreme music in a barren, sandy wasteland. According to the band, the forest is for poseurs like Immortal and Dark Funeral, and the idea of playing in the woods has become to mainstream. They also point out the hypocrisy of bands singing about isolation and death in an environment bursting with life (and men walking dogs).

Plus, according to the video, there’s also treasure in the desert – which always a good thing.

All together now “The desert is kvlt! The forest’s not!”

Of course, as is always the way, it’s just a matter of time before the desert is overrun by metal bands trying to make a name for themselves. So where do you go after that? Underwater black metal is coming, mark our words.

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