Bill Ward on the early days of Sabbath and drumming on LSD

Bill Ward in The Doom Doc

In this exclusive unseen clip from The Doom Doc, Black Sabbath founding member Bill Ward remembers Sabbath’s early days and his experiences of drumming while on LSD.

“I found no real solutions or enjoyment in playing that way onstage,” says Bill. “I was realising that I could’ve fucked everything up!

“It’s interesting to talk about the phenomena of LSD when you’re playing in front of 25-30,000 people, but in hindsight I was taking huge risks with not only my performance but the entire performance.”

The Doom Doc is a crowdfunded documentary looking at the pitch black heart of doom metal. Exploring heavy music’s relationship with drug use, mental health and gentrification, director Connor Matheson gets candid with members of Crowbar, Conan, Slabdragger and more.

The Doom Doc premieres on July 9 at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield.

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