The 10 best new metal songs you need to hear right now

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Look, we know nu metal is all the rage again right now, but even we couldn't quite believe it when hip-hop superstar Megan Thee Stallion (currently on 22.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify) teamed up with rising metal stars Spiritbox (2.2 million listeners) for a rock remix of Cobra. Jay-Z eat your heart out. 

But, we digress. Welcome to another round-up for the biggest and best new metal songs from the past week - starting with the results of last week's vote! It was a tight race for a podium finish, Therapy? edging out Ministry for the 3rd place, but falling narrowly behind Spiritbox's Ultraviolet. But clearly metalheads are feeling the holiday spirit, as symphonic metal icon Tarja Turunen took top spot with her rendition of Frosty The Snowman. 

This week we've hunted high and low to find the most exciting new songs around - yes, including Megan Thee Stallion x Spiritbox - covering everything from black metal to folk, massive grooves going head-to-head with 80s style guitar god grandstanding. As ever, we need you to let us know which songs excite you most, so don't forget to cast your vote below!

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Megan Thee Stallion - Cobra (ft. Spiritbox)

No matter how many times hip-hop and metal have joined forces over the past 30-plus years, some things can still catch you entirely off-guard. Like having Megan Thee Stallion - aka one of hip-hops hottest new acts - get an official rock remix by Spiritbox - aka one of metal’s hottest new acts. Chugging riffs give way to melodic passages and Megan’s furious flow is met by Courtney LaPlante’s own serene vocal, making this one of the most surprising - and undeniably brilliant - collabs you’re likely to hear this year.

Dimmu Borgir - Perfect Strangers

After dialing the clocks back to the genesis of black metal on, erm, Black Metal, Dimmu Borgir’s next cover of choice dives into the swirling mists of 70s rock with heavy metal progenitors Deep Purple and Perfect Strangers. What’s more, they play it straight - to start with at least - hamming it up with keys, strutting riffs and Halford-style wails, only applying the minimal black metal spin. It’s certainly got us interested in what else Inspiratio Profanus has to offer on December 8. 

Lord Of The Lost - Shock To The System

After a massive 2023 that has seen them participate in Eurovision, meet the King of England and support Iron Maiden - as well as sell out shows across Europe and the UK - Germany’s Lord Of The Lost are putting their Blood And Glitter era to rest. Granted, they’re giving it one hell of a send off with Shock To The System, a brilliantly energetic Billy Idol cover that announces the release of Weapons Of Mass Seduction, a covers record the band are set to release on December 29. 

Sophie Lloyd - Judge And Jury (feat. Tyler Connolly)

Teaming up with Theory Of A Deadman singer Tyler Connolly, Sophie Lloyd’s latest single Judge And Jury arrives just in time for the release of her debut album Imposter Syndrome. A sleek modern rock track, there’s echoes of everyone from Avenged Sevenfold to Panic At The Disco in the song’s strutting riffs and theatrical flourishes, a powerful and instantly memorable song that’ll have you humming along for weeks to come. 

Korpiklaani - Gotta Go Home

Is it just us who can’t resist saying “Barbra Streisand” every time we hear the main riff to Korpiklaani’s Gotta Go Home? Yes, we know it’s a cover of Boney M - and let’s face it, the world still loves Turisas’ folk metal rendition of Rasputin so it’s a solid move on all fronts - but that main riff has a whole other meaning over 40 years on from release. Either way, Korpiklaani are still bringing a delightful sense of party folk energy, and we’re very much here for it. 

Underside - Prey

Nepalese metallers Underside have spent the last few years serving as a force for good with Metal For Nepal, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten their mission in bringing the delights of heavy metal to the world. Prey draws on their experiences working on humanitarian causes to create a rage-filled epic that delivers enormous grooves. We expect very sore necks after the band appear at Download Festival 2024. 

Ryujin - The Rainbow Song (ft. Matthew K. Heafy) 

Formerly known as GYZE, Ryujin announced a name change in early 2023. The band are now looking forward to a reboot of sorts in 2024 with a self-titled record set for release on January 12. With Trivium’s Matthew K. Heafy in the producer’s seat, it makes sense the band would enlist his skills, new single The Rainbow Song is a distinctly Japanese take on 80s hair metal, all fist-pumping triumph and sing-alongs that show the band’s reinvention is much more than just a name change. 

South Of Salem - Static

Fresh from selling out venues across the UK, Bournemouth riffers South Of Salem now have their sights on a strong start to 2024 with the release of their second album Death Of The Party, out Jan 24 and their biggest headline show in their hometown on January 20. Static bridges the gap between trad metal bombast and post-grunge radio sensibilities, built on big sing-alongs and bigger guitar solos that harken to when metal ruled the airwaves. 

Hawxx - Death Makes Sisters Of Us All

“I want to burn this city to the ground/for what he did for her”. Furious and powerful, Hawxx’s latest single Death Makes Sisters Of Us All is a vicious meditation on gender-based violence set to a seismic, crashing beat. Taken from the band’s debut album Earth, Spit, Blood And Bones, Death… is possibly the most vibrant and vital track the band have released to date, an impending tour with Halocene across Europe and the UK offering the opportunity for the band to share their message with the world. 

Tarja - Last Christmas 

She's done it again! We shouldn't be surprised that the voice behind Nightwish's classic version of Walking In The Air knows her away around a classy Christmas cover or two, but we still weren't expecting Tajra Turunen to turn up with her own, unique take on this legendary Wham! number. Morphing it into a moody, ethereal gothic lament, it's about as festive as finding a turd in your stocking, but the vocalist has produced a beautiful reimagining of a song etched into the holiday season. Whether this counts as your Whamaggedon coming early is up to you, of course.

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