Art: Eric Bloom


Being managed by a science fiction writer must have given the band a head-start with lyrics.

You mean Sandy Pearlman? Sandy was more of a poet and a critic with sci-fi underpinning than an author. He wrote stanzas of poetry. There were manila envelopes of them lying around and because we all lived in one house, they were available to use as lyrics.

Have you read Game Of Thrones?

I bought the first volume because it had interesting blurb and was about a thousand pages long – I love a big, fat book.

Which are you favourite TV shows?

Do you get Vikings in Europe? It’s about the invasion of the British Isles. Another of my favourites is Antiques Roadshow. I’m serious! It covers art and TV, right there.

What was the last film you saw?

The new version of Godzilla. It reminded me of the old, original Japanese movies.

BÖC’s 1977 song of the same name should’ve been in the film, right?

Of course it should, even if it was over the end credits. That’s two Godzilla movies in a row now without it, which is a bit disappointing.