Are these two men the best metal buskers in the world?


Walk down any town centre and you’ll find a busker tentatively picking out the chords to ‘Wonderwall’. You’ll walk past, make awkward eye contact, do the old pat-your-pockets-and-shrug thing, then carry on with your day. That’s a given. It’s part of British life.

No-one needs to even hear a good version of Wonderwall, let alone one that sounds like it’s being played in the dark by someone wearing a pair of boxing gloves.

Here then, are two Argentinian metal fans who are about to change the way you think about buskers.

Filmed in Buenos Aires, street musicians Damian Salazar and Zoppi Sebastian did what any like-minded metal mates would do having a guitar set up and a load of plastic tubs – they formed a band in the vein of Van Halen-meets-Lightning Bolt and took it to the streets.

But the question is, if the drummer sounds world class on something you might be sick into after a big night out, what would he sound like on a proper kit?

Bloody hell.

In the mood for more busking videos? Of course you are.

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Simon Young

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