10 dancefloor bangers that even the most cynical metalhead will love

Turmion Katilot
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While we're no strangers to heavy metal's many fancyful flirtations with other genres ranging from classical to goth, EDM to folk, disco is a niche that remains largely untapped other than the occasional flirtation by bands like Rob Zombie, System Of A Down or Dog Fashion Disco. 

But for Finns Turmion Katilot, disco is a huge part of their sound - the demented Finns turning "disco metal" into a fully-fledged entity. With their new album Omen X due for release on January 13, we figured we'd get them to pick out the ten songs that could get even the most kvlt metalhead on the dancefloor throwing shapes... 

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Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland

DQ (drums): "Earth, Wind & Fire are the definition of disco. This shit is played live, without computers and backing tracks. For metalheads, this is your dose of groove and strong musicianship; every metalhead really should understand those qualities."

The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up 

MC Raaka Pee (Vocals): "This track could almost be modern industrial metal. I’m a DJ and I know what moves people, and this is a dance floor favourite."

 Bomfunk MC’s - Freestyler

Shag-U (Vocals): "Bomfunk MC’s is an old Finnish artist, and their album was one of the first records I ever owned. They have good beats, good lines, and groove. Freestyler is their most well-known hit, but they have lots more good material. If you don’t know this band yet, make sure you check them out! It still has something punk about it."

 E-Type - Here I Go Again

Bobby Undertaker (Guitar): "This was one of the first songs I heard from this part of the Eurodance genre. The track still works and it hasn't aged a day, and features great melodies and vocals. E-Type is a Swedish guy and also a metalhead. He has been covered by metal bands before and is currently touring at the moment too. "

NERO - Satisfy

Shag-U: "I love how, especially in modern electronic music, you might find stuff with a dark and hard atmosphere, but the beat still rules the song. And god damn, this track sounds sexy as well! Many people seem to think that ”dance music” is just the same old stuff that it was back in the nineties, which just isn’t the case, and this track proves it. Satisfy is one of my kick-starters and every time I listen to it, I’m ready to move mountains."

Leila K - Electric

MC Raaka Pee:  "The bass line kills during the first few beats of this song. At the song's breakpoint, the punchline is screamed so hard you can feel it. This track will make even the most hardened metal fan bang their head. I know this, because I’ve played this a lot as a DJ and it even makes me dance. I don't really know much about the artist Leila K though."

2 Unlimited - Real Things

MC Raaka Pee:  "2 Unlimited were perhaps one of the first mainstream techno bands in the world, and I simply love techno. Eurodance is the rhythm of the people. You know all those African drum beats, when you hear the first beat, even babies start dancing and begin the movement of life. The church organ melody line of this track could be featured in any gothic/industrial/darker metal song. As a matter of fact, I started making a cover version of this track a while back. We never completed it unfortunately, but it's alive and perhaps it might explode one day."

 Abba - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A man after midnight) 

Bobby Undertaker: "Abba is the backbone of everything for me. This song is one of their best and has possibly one of the best melody lines ever written. If you are a real musician you can understand how well crafted Abba’s music actually is. There’s so much skill, talent and style, and many metal bands and musicians truly appreciate that."

 Scooter - How Much Is The Fish?

Bobby Undertaker:  "This is a German classic. The lyrics do not make sense whatsoever but hey, it’s Scooter and it’s party music! He has some songs with distorted guitars like Fire that could easily be transformed into a full blown metal song. It gives me good vibes, like all good music should do. It doesn’t matter if it’s metal or not, for me it’s just music and should give you something good. It doesn’t always have to be that serious."

Modern Talking - Brother Louie

Bobby Undertaker:  "Many people think that this band is some kind of a joke, but I beg to differ. Modern Talking have great songs with a great sound, and this track is a prime example of their talent. They are an old German duo from the 80’s and I grew up with music like this. And it still plays on the radio! Any of their songs could easily be transformed into metal songs."

Turmion Kätilöt ‘s new record Omen X will be released on January 13 via Nuclear Blast

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