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Your Favourite Enemies - Between Illness And Migration Sessions album review

Canadian post-rockers mix things up in Tokyo with an all-new refresh of their 2013 album

Your Favourite Enemies Between Illness And Migration Deluxe Tokyo Sessions album cover

Your Favourite Enemies aren’t the first band to fall in love with Japan while on their travels, and they won’t be the last. But these Canadians were so inspired by the theatricality of a visit to Tokyo, where they performed Between Illness And Migration in its entirety for the first time, that they headed into a studio and re-recorded their 2015 album from start to finish.

The resulting melting pot of styles takes in gothic gloom, post-hardcore vocals, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine-influenced noise, solemn spoken word poetry and heavily progressive riffs that would fit perfectly into one of Deftones more artful sets, all stitched together with an air of rising panic and doomsday drama. It might never reach an audience outside the murky underworld of the post-rock scene, but you sense that’s just where they like to be.

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