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Young Widows: In And Out Of Youth And Lightness

Post-hardcore punk that hypnotises and astounds.

With the days – and sounds – of their previous project Breather Resist now firmly behind them, Young Widows return and follow up 2008’s Old Wounds with a unique sound that blends a sack of genres from prog to punk.

In And Out Of Youth And Lightness is a condensed collection of long drawn-out sounds so dense that you can practically feel them ooze through your ears.

The layered, melodic opening track Young Rivers creates a sinister mood complete with recurrent ringing and distorted chanting. First single Future Heart retains the layering of sounds but ups the tempo, swiftly shifting to frantic QOTSA-style stoner rock. Electronic distortion, instrument-heavy build ups and ominous, repetitive riffs dominate for the duration of this intricate album.

Possible comparisons are plentiful, from Joy Division to Nirvana, but overall the Widows sound is wholly individual: heavy and hypnotic, consistently minor and often eerily unsettling.