Wrong: Wrong

Kylesa and Torche members get drawn to early-90s New York

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As you’ll quickly find out if you Google ‘Wrong band’, this is not the most helpful moniker, not least because you’ll get several pages of Tori Amos, and a Primus-like ‘polka-distortion’ band from Berlin before you find any information on this Miami-based outfit, featuring ex-members of Kylesa and Torche.

If you’ve ever wondered what Helmet’s Meantime would sound like if it were crossed with early Clutch, then wonder no more: it sounds Wrong, so to speak.

The influences here are way too obvious, to the point where you find yourself constantly going back to Meantime and Transnational Speedway League to see if the breakdowns and riffs aren’t, in fact, identical.

While songs like Fake Brain and Hum Drum are their own work, the brooding, drifting High Chair is more interesting; it shows less of those influences, and is more, er, Wrong.