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Wild Billy Childish & CTMF: Acorn Man

Medway legend does what he does best.

Billy Childish has been steaming ahead for nearly 40 years, releasing albums at an absurd rate of knots (125 and counting) while also finding time for myriad projects as an author, painter and poet.

The fact that his music hasn’t changed much – splenetic blasts of garage-punk that owe as much to Nuggets as Live At the Roxy – only serves to shore up his self-styled reputation as a “radical traditionalist”.

Acorn Man is another gloriously unrefined bunch of songs, full of vim, vigour and humour. Sharing vocals with bassist wife Nurse Julie, He Wore A Pagan Robe and It’s So Hard To Be Happy are as belligerent as anything we’ve come to expect.

Best of all is Punk Rock Enough For Me, which sees Childish run off a list of inspirations (Lead Belly, The 101’ers, John Fante, The Beatles in Hamburg) in his distinctive Chatham tones./o:p