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We Came As Romans - Cold Like War album review

Motor City’s punk-fired metalcore crew turn to their wild side

Cover art for We Came As Romans - Cold Like War album

For their first outing on Sharptone, WCAR strive to make an impression, and Vultures With Clipped Wings sets out their mission statement clearly as Kyle Pavone declares ‘I will return to form.’ Slamming into the title track early on, they unleash their punk spirit in a verse that commands you to windmill around the room, even if you’re at home in your slippers. There’s a raw edge to the production that evokes dive bar moshpits, and it’s the wilder songs that make the biggest impression. Wasted Age builds from a retro riff, moving the focal point from the chorus, and Encoder is a bizarre, if intentional anomaly, with its glitchy intro aping the build-up of a Fatboy Slim track before diving headfirst into a strange attempt at dance-punk. These unexpected moments might not always work, but they make sure this record is never boring.