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Warrior Soul: Stiff Middle Finger

Hard rock agitator still hollering truth to power

Dogmatic, polemical and really pissed off, Warrior Soul’s Kory Clarke has been raging against the machine since the start of the 90s with the towering debut album, Last Decade Dead Century. Visceral as much as it was cerebral, it addressed the state of the nation, scared the higher-ups at the Geffen label and got promptly buried as the world looked to Axl Rose to save them.

They were, in a way, more innocent times. As Axl’s world’s shattered in a million paranoid pieces, Kory’s continued to fight the power. He got a little off track with the Space Age Playboys, who parodied hair metal Hollywood, but were mistaken for the real thing, but the latter-day Warrior Soul are still a force to be reckoned with: still pertinent and prescient, and still singing songs made for these times.

Punchy, agitated and at their best in the creeping Occupy, the sniping, thunderous Wall Street and the desolate, spoken word treatise that makes up 2012, Kory’s still shouting from the barricades, railing against the system and fighting in the streets. Why not join him?