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Voodoo Vegas - Freak Show Candy Floss album review

Bournemoth rock'n'rollers' second album consolidates their early promise

This second album from Bournemouth’s Voodoo Vegas is a frustrating beast. There are some sterling moments of high-energy rock’n’roll to found here, not least the galloping jig of Long Time Gone, the black humour of Killing Joke and heavy grinding strut of closer Walk Away.

Producer Guillermo ‘Will’ Maya (The Answer) coaxes some powerful performances from the band’s new line-up, and yet it’s not all as peachy as it should be. Guitarists Jon Dawson and Merylina Hamilton generate some storming riffs, but the songs just aren’t memorable enough. Too many of the tracks try to pack in far too much at the expense of killer hooks and vocal melodies, making things sound laboured instead of direct and fresh. Bit of a shame really.