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Viza: Aria

Gypsy punk rockers go off the rails on album number five

Viza are a band with a wealth of imagination and a host of ideas but who have, sadly, not been able to shape them into the way the noises in their head may have imagined.

Where the likes of Viktor’s Vanguard should come colourfully flying from your speakers like the offspring of System Of A Down and The Dropkick Murphys deciding to form a power-metal band, the results actually sound paper thin and strangely pedestrian.

Occasionally, like on the double- quick time stomp of Forward March, you get a glimpse of what they could be if someone had been able to focus them and harness their clear potential. Unfortunately, with the likes of Destrage boggling minds all over the rock world with their ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ approach, Viza are left sounding like they’re going through the motions somewhat.

Definitely to be filed in the ‘can do better’ category.