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Virgil & The Accelerators: Army Of Three

Young Brit trio get heavy with the blues.

To follow 2011’s critically-acclaimed debut The Radium, Virgil & The Accelerators have employed Chris Tsangarides as producer to deliver something altogether more powerful.

Which means openers Take Me Higher and Blow To The Head have riffs to raise a wry smile from Tony Iommi. V&TA remain a blues-rock band at heart though, as can be heard on Anymore or Free and – honed into sharper focus – the excellent Love Aggression.

There’s a certain NWOBHM-like charm to some of the rockers. And while a harder taskmaster than Tsangarides might have shortened some of the 10 tracks for extra punch, Give It Up (hard-driving rock with a powerful chorus and rasping harmonica) and the radio-friendly Through The Night never outstay their welcome.