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Various: The Truth Of Revolution, Brother

Anarcho-punk philosophies.

Considering the enduring influence of anarcho-punk’s culture, morals and business principles – which have impacted on everything from environmentalism and responsible farming entering the mainstream political agenda, to widely adopted DIY ethics supplanting the corporate music industry infrastructure – there have been few books collating its ideologies (other than Craig O’Hara’s excellent The Philosophy Of Punk and Martin Sprouse’s classic Threat By Example).

Truly a labour of love, TTORB was originally crowd-funded via Kickstarter. It features thoughts from those who pioneered the scene in terms of music, art and activism – Crass members Penny Rimbaud, Steve Ignorant, Gee Vaucher, Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra, Minor Threat/Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye, Subhumans’ Dick Lucas, Oi Polloi’s Deek Allen, Chumbawamba’s Dunstan Bruce at al.

Ideal for those who still think the Pistols’ pretence of nihilism and destruction pervaded punk rock. As Rimbaud states, “Anger is an unfulfilled form of compassion.”

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