Valley Of The Sun: Volume Rock

Hard rocking Cincinnati ruffians hit a well-stocked bar

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They’ve broken a stage on tour, drink whiskey when they write lyrics and have played with Red Fang and Truckfighters; it’s safe to say that Cincinnati’s Valley Of The Sun are getting off to a good start with their ‘all feet to the pedals’ brand of rock’n’roll.

Volume Rock rattles through familiar yet vigorously executed sounds, from stoner and Soundgarden to AC/DC and blues, with more depth and drive than their debut, Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk (and what a magnificent name for a debut that is).

Probably even better live tha they are on record, Valley Of The Sun sound like one of those bands best experienced in a divebar with sweat dripping off the walls – a perfect setting for the short, sharp shock of The Hunt, the QOTSA-esque jaunt of Land Of Fools or Noodle, where Ryan Ferrier’s huge vocals sound like Steven Tyler experiencing an exorcism.

On the flipside the hulking slowburn of Speaketh, coming at you like an Alice in Chains opus, proves that Valley Of The Sun have a lot more to give despite their carnal poise.