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Troubled Horse - Revolution On Repeat album review

Swedish retro-rockers take the scenic route

Cover art for Troubled Horse - Revolution On Repeat album

Sometimes it takes a band who revisit history to do something that feels fresh. Trouble Horse’s mix of rough rock, psych, country and doom is a tribute to the proto-metal essentials that their label Rise Above has become renowned for. Hailing from Örebro, Sweden – the hometown of Witchcraft, Truckfighters and Wolf – and with a new drummer and bassist, they return with a follow-up to 2012’s Step Inside. Indebted to the age of exploration, Revolution On Repeat fires up with clean-riffing rock, high-paced percussion and revivalist joie de vivre, diverse guitar-slinging and psychedelic turns that bring Horisont and Graveyard to mind and throwbacks like Cactus and Mountain, but with less blues and more balls. Peasants is a groovy celebration of rock and soul contrasting with the occult smoulder of The Haunted and My Shit’s Fucked Up leans on their love for country, delivering a stylish melange of songs that’ve breathed new life into a nostalgic road trip.