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Tremonti: Dust

Polished and heartfelt, Tremonti’s third album leaves their past shrouded in its Dust.

Tremonti Dust album cover

This companion piece to 2015’s well-received Cauterize further showcases the heavyweight talents of Alter Bridge and Creed guitarists Mark Tremonti and Eric Friedman, alongside Eddie Van Halen’s bassist son Wolfgang.

The brutally condemning My Last Mistake, heartfelt lamenting sway of Dust and gut-wrenching Unable To See exhibit a singular combination of lyrical profundity and precise instrumentation. Tremonti’s forceful frontline match subtle artistry – the elaborate, weaving guitar interplay of The Cage and Once Dead’s gorgeous solo – with a keen sense of exactly when to hurl in a hefty riff.

From the fierce intent of Catching Fire to the soulful ramblings of Never Wrong, Tremonti repeatedly flaunt a rate emotional versatility, as Tore My Heart Out licks its wounds and Betray Me prepares to lash out with unforgiving grit.

Destined to prey upon deep emotional traumas you might not even know you had, Dust is a remarkable display of Tremonti’s poignancy and expertise.