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The Sourheads - Care Plan For The Soul album review

Heads-down, no-nonsense directionless rock du jour

Cover art for The Sourheads - Care Plan For The Soul album

The Sourheads’ promo photo shows their bearded frontman emulating Iggy Pop in a swaggering, shirtless pose, while the rest of the band, shorthaired, indie-looking lads in spectacles and scarves, stand around awkwardly. It’s a bemusing introduction to the Wakefield-based quartet. Meanwhile, the album cover and title are just plain misleading: a tranquil image of a figure on a beach, and the peaceful Care Plan For The Soul.

But what Sourheads actually specialise in is a dishevelled, balls-out concoction of classic rock with a punk-rock strut (that explains the Iggy Pop pose, at least) and a grungy feel. The album is more a raucous, fast-paced ride than a collection of stand-out songs, and, like that promo pic, it lacks focus.