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The Record Company: Give It Back To You (Concord Records)

A new trio vying for Blackberry Smoke’s throne.

The Record Company Give It Back To You album artwork.

In 2010, guitarist/vocalist Chris Vos left his family home on a Wisconsin dairy farm to chase his musical dreams in sunny LA. Soon he found himself, alongside his new-found friends Alex Stiff (bass) and Marc Cazorla (drums and piano), mesmerised by Hooker ’N Heat’s 1971 collaborative album. That moment proved definitive: they formed a band and six years on the fruits of their labour lie in Give It Back To You, a record honouring the blues’ biggest trailblazers through their own charismatic identities. Off The Ground shines with a bright, infectious energy while This Crooked City bathes in sun-baked melodies. The autobiographical title track, meanwhile, tells of the adventure that, for Vos and co, you feel is only just beginning.