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The Godfathers: Shot Live At The 100 Club

Sarf Landan’s finest ’80s nihilists in CD/DVD combo.

Despite killer studio albums like Hit By Hit and Birth, School, Work, Death, The Godfathers were really all about the live experience.

This frills-free set from the currently beleaguered 100 Club was recorded one sweaty night in June this year, Peter and Chris Coyne’s quartet hoisting the bunting to celebrate 25 years in the biz.

Everything you might demand (and more) is here, from arguably their greatest post-Sex Pistols moment – I Want Everything – to near-perfect gems Love Is Dead and the punkoid R&B of I’m Unsatisfied.

Long-haul followers will be particularly giddy about the inclusion of Back Into The Future and I Can’t Sleep Tonight, the first new Godfathers songs since 1995. What’s more, the accompanying DVD brings it all to monkey-rocking life.