The Fall Of Troy – OK album review

Spasmodic trio The Fall Of Troy gift their return album, 'OK', to the fans

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After three years of reunion shows and teasing new songs, The Fall Of Troy’s studio return sees them rewarding their fans’ patience by making it available on a pay-what-you-want basis.

But generous fans wanting to pay per idea or concept would have to own deep pockets, given the true-to-form nature of OK’s 10 chaotic songs.

In the seven- year break between records the trio haven’t lost any of their coltish inventiveness or hectic approach, throwing all manner of musical textures at the wall and crafting songs with whatever transpires. 401k stays true to form, skipping from fiendish noodling to laid- back reggae, while Inside Out encompasses unhinged, operatic flurries with lush female vocals. As the album progresses definitive songs begin to emerge from the swarm of angular chords and rhythmic spats. Suck-O-Matic and A Single Word’s bright melodies break through, while the sombre Auto Repeater and Your Loss’s familiar post- hardcore motifs are reminders of the band’s appreciation of a good hook to complement their technical ability and progressive approach.