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The Erotics: Today The Devil, Tomorrow The World

The joy of sleaze.

When it comes to unadulterated sleaze there are few bands quite as unapologetically trashy as The Erotics – with an emphasis on the ‘rot’.

This is degenerate rock ’n’ roll delivered with a switchblade grin, and the subtlety of a knuckleduster-adorned fist to the gut. All of which means that what the songs lack in variety, they more than make up for in sheer, bloody-minded nastiness.

The fact that these guys bash out almost identical variations on the same tune – check out the charming likes of 19 Going On Homicidal, Hogtied & Waiting and the hilarious swearfest that is Anything – is no sin when the riffs are razor-wire sharp, the choruses memorable, and ringleader Mike Trash does his unerring Alice Cooper meets Taime Downe impression.

Undemanding, gutter-level entertainment.