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The DeRellas - Freakshow album review

Talking about your generation

Those old enough to remember The Clash playing their first gig have to accept they are now the old farts, which is why young bands like The DeRellas can’t be blamed for constructing their own identikit versions of the music that seemed so new 40 years ago but itself was built from earlier inspirations.

Flying their mutation of the Fuzztones’ skull and cross-guitars logo, the band brandish energetic ditties such as Rip It Up and Strung Out Sin City that ride their reconfigurations of blueprints and attitude once cooked up by the Damned, Ramones and Heartbreakers (along with a romp through Adam Ant’s Plastic Surgery).

Nobody should deny these new glam-punkers their right to cavort on such well-trodden ground, though.