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The Deep End: Cop This

No-frills thrills from down under.

Shamelessly mining the same seam of bluesy rock that's fuelled AC/DC's career for the past 40 years or so, Melbourne's The Deep End do their level best to whip up a storm worthy of their heroes - AC/DC (obviously), Rose Tattoo (natch), The Angels (ditto) . And they do a damn good job of it. There are few real surprises on Cop This - it's all about partying, girls and the lust for success.

But in the anthemic likes of Bigger Badder Better, the magnificently skint Cheap Night Out and the venomously riffy Midnight Sun they prove they can write some mighty choruses and widdle out the requisite guitar solos with aplomb. True, No Time To Rest’s stop-start boogie is alarmingly close to AC/DC’s Beating Around The Bush, but this mis-step is still a decent song. Sweaty, bloody, drunken fun.