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The Cash Box Kings: Holding Court

Chicago blues stalwarts bring old-school sound to contemporary issues.

The Cash Box Kings — singer/harpist Joe Nosek and singer Oscar Wilson — are possibly the most devastating one-two punch in the blues since Muddy Waters and Junior Wells ruled the stage.

Performing in a traditional style that’s just antiquated enough to sound new again, the Kings aren’t afraid to tackle contemporary lyrical issues.

With The King’s Holding Court they provide a raucous, entertaining blend of old-school Chicago blues mixed with New Orleans jive and jump blues vigour. Wilson’s sombre vocals on Download Blues are met by Nosek’s wailing harp and guitarist Joel Paterson’s ringing leads, while Gotta Move Out To The Suburbs offers Barrelhouse Chuck’s funky keys beneath Wilson’s modern-day tale of urban blight.

The heartbeat of The Cash Box Kings, though, is found on Quarter To Blue, an instrumental jam that truly captures the Chicago blues spirit./o:p