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The Amorettes - Born To Break album review

The Amorettes' fourth studio album Born To Break: Made in Scotland for the love of rock’n’roll

The Amorettes - Born To Break

Can You Feel The Fire
Hello And Goodbye
Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock And Roll
Born To Break
What Ever Gets You Through The Night
Hell Or High Water
You Still Got Rock And Roll
Easy Tiger
Bat Shit Crazy
Coming Up The Middle
High On Your Energy
I Want It Bad

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From Joan Jett to Motörhead to AC/DC, there is a grand tradition of rock’n’roll bands writing love songs to rock’n’roll itself. Makes sense. Rock’n’roll is faithful. It’s a constant source of joy and self-expression. It’s reliable. It’ll never run off with the milkman – and even if it does it’ll leave the most uplifting ‘Dear John’ letter ever. 

Scottish trio The Amorettes come from this no-nonsense, if it ain’t broke standpoint, as evidenced by Everything I Learned (I Learned From Rock And Roll) – a collaboration between frontwoman Gill Montgomery and Ricky Warwick – from this, their fourth album, and it sums up expertly their entire reason for existing. Clearly enamoured with the classic rock of the 70s and 80s, Born To Break is an unapologetically glam, highoctane, sass-drenched joyride from a power trio with the heart and the chops to make a wellworn path feel fresh and exciting.