Tess Of The Circle: Amplify

Pumping up the volume.

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Some artists wear their influences on their sleeve, others like Tess Jones, the singer/songwriter/frontman of Tess Of The Circle, absorb them as they grow up without consciously registering them, thereby developing a style of their own.

After two albums with a considered approach and carefully structured songs they’ve released the handbrake and headed off at full tilt in a style that sways seamlessly from folk to rock to punk but always leads to a strong chorus. The new rhythm section gives the band a stronger bite and the vocals have a grunge-like intensity.

Opener Love Is The Drug That You Crave is delivered as an admonishing answer, as if you had dared to suggest that you craved anything else. Towards the end they revert to a more reflective, emotional mood with some fine string arrangements but the passion never falters.