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Terror Universal - Make Them Bleed album review

Shadowy nu metal collective makes its debut 20 years too late

over art for Terror Universal - Make Them Bleed album

Featuring unspecified members and ex-members of Machine Head, Soulfly, Ill Niño and Upon A Burning Body, Terror Universal are a time capsule back to the early 2000s, warts and all. These four masked enigmas strive not to bring their genre into the present day, but instead choose to keep it stagnant. With the imagery of Slipknot and the grooves of turn-of-the-century Machine Head, Make Them Bleed will probably not set 2018’s heavy scene aflame. If you’re a hardened metalhead, the album will pack very few surprises. However, for those who can look past just how dated this album is, there are certainly some aspects to enjoy. Welcome To Hell is decently heavy, the title track is driven by a captivating main riff, and single Dig You a Hole has a bouncing chorus straight out of a Stone Sour record.