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Terra Tenebrosa – The Reverses album review

Former Breach members turn their hands to horror with new album as Terra Tenebrosa

You know those haunted houses that pop up in shopping mall parking lots, country fairs and at Comic-Cons? Well, Sweden’s Terra Tenebrosa don’t so much sound like they should be providing the music for those contrived scenarios as they should the sonic rendering of those scenes, were they true to life.

Featuring ex-members of post-hardcore royalty, Breach, Terra Tenebrosa skirt a soundtrack-esque line between industrial horror rock, doomy sludge and black metal.

It’s sort of like Glorior Belli and Blut Aus Nord going at it B-movie style while Godlfesh and NIN look on, confused. A common tactic employed by guitarist Hibernal (or possibly fellow member Hisperdal – they’re going down the enigmatic route on the who-does-what front) is heaping effects and noise onto riffs, though the result can be very hit and miss. The End Is Mine To Rise has related and complementary parts obscured by overlays seemingly thrown in for the sake of filling space, whereas Exuvia works, despite starting out like the worst Mushroomhead song ever before spreading expansive wings that envelope an attractive, almost-droning, post-horror crawl.