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Tax The Heat: Fed To The Lions

Pumped-up R&B meets desert rock in Bristol quartet.

Tax The Heat arrive carrying a considerable weight of expectation – their fans include desert rock maestro Chris Goss and Thin Lizzy’s Scott Gorham. The Bristol quartet’s sound picks from the diesel power of the MC5, the fuzziness of QOTSA and Jack White’s riff worship, with a dash of classic British R&B.

The production doesn’t offer much light and shade, preferring a fat, full sound perfect for the stomp of Animals and Highway Home. Likewise, frontman Alex Veale sounds his best belting out the title track and channelling Josh Homme on Under Watchful Eye rather than tackling a ballad on Hit Me Hard.

Caroline features an irrepressible guitar hook and Some Sympathy boasts a monster chorus. It might not be subtle, but it’s frequently glorious.