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Tax The Heat: Fed To The Lions

All killer, no filler: outstanding debut from the Bristolians.

Brash, bold and brassy with strut, swagger and swing, it’s little wonder some of the industry’s big hitters have staked their chips on this exciting quartet.

Blues rock is a limited descriptor for such a broad genre and though it vaguely points towards the fare within, it poorly conveys the sheer vigour and flair on offer.

Nods toward 70s classic rock – with faint scents of Royal Blood, AC/DC and Free – are superseded by a brash modernity delivered with gum-chewing aplomb. Every riff, lick and hook is drawn from the top of the deck – no mean feat in these recycled times – and captured by a production that retains the grit and adds a warm gloss.

The energy is infectious, performances pinpoint-perfect and they know their way around a melody. A token ballad might have iced the cake, but in truth there’s no room, and no need. Superior.