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Steel Panther - Lower The Bar album review

Metal porno-parodists take the filth amendment on their fifth

Cover art for steel panther's lower the bar

Drenched to their spandex underpants in double- and single-entendre lyrics that push porno-parodic excess to 11 and beyond, Steel Panther’s fifth album features another dozen tumescent, hook‑laden party-rock anthems.

LA’s premier glam-metal spoof merchants are clearly not messing with a winning formula, though the lyrics here seem even more relentlessly sex-focused than ever (Pussy Ain’t Free, Goin’ In The Back Door), while the polished musical backdrop shows a little more progressive ambition: the smouldering, lightly psychedelic Now The Fun Starts could almost be a straight-faced excursion into Jane’s Addiction territory.

Like previous Panther anthems, Lower The Bar is a note-perfect, musically slick affair bursting with Russ ‘Satchel’ Parrish’s florid guitar licks. The lyrics are relentlessly puerile, but often hilarious: ‘Is it a chick or is it a dude? Doesn’t really matter if she looks good nude.’

Even the leering, sexist jokes typically rebound on the band themselves, as in the Crüe-style swagger-boast I Got What You Want, with its proudly self-deflating punchline: ‘Five and half inches of love.’

The key element missing here is live performance, since Panther are essentially a stand‑up comedy spectacle. But at least Lower The Bar adds several more arena-shafting classics to their swollen arsenal of eye-watering filth.