Steel Panther

LA’s ribald rockers play with their wood

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Forget what you know about Steel Panther, tonight is a stripped-down (not like that), acoustic show to promote their new CD/DVD Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage.

Instead of big screens and pyros we get a no-nonsense evening of unplugged tunes. Acoustic or not, to the ardent ‘Fanther’ it doesn’t matter if they’re straddling cannons Cher-style or humming on a kazoo, hence why there’s a queue halfway down Oxford Street peppered with guys sporting blond wigs and bandanas. It’s those same super-fans who belt out Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World as soon as the show starts, and then it’s full steam ahead with classic Panther tunes and their unique brand of banter (banther?).

Steel Panther get intimate

Steel Panther get intimate
(Image: © Kevin Nixon)

After Fat Girl a girl is invited onstage to “Show her tits” but she doesn’t want to and it all gets a bit awkward – almost as awkward as the menopause joke Michael Starr makes when a mature member of the audience willingly flashes her assets.

Gloryhole sounds great, Community Property is a failsafe pick-me-up and the audience singing ‘There was so much spunk on your face’ during Bukkake Tears is admittedly hilarious… But after about the hundredth joke about shagging, the idea of an intimate acoustic show doesn’t seem so great after all.