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Status Quo - Aquostic II: That’s A Fact! album review

Status Quo reprise a winning formula on their latest chronological acoustic follow up

As the band’s live era comes to an end, the majesty of Quo is still allowed to continue in a format it’s hard to believe the band – or rather the core duo of Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt – hadn’t tried decades ago.

The Aquostic album saw them performing their back catalogue with a minimal line-up featuring accordions and backing vocals, and it worked brilliantly, highlighting Quo’s rootsier side (and Rossi’s odd knack of writing folky boogie songs).

Now they return with a very literal and almost chronological follow-up. The results are just as effective, and a continuity is established between newer songs like Jam Side Down with old chaps like Roll Over Lay Down. The results are never less than delightful to the ear.