Stan Bush - Change The World album review

The 80s never went away

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Stan Bush unashamedly makes albums that belong in the 1980s. He eschews all aspects of modern rock because he feels comfortable in that era. So if you enjoy the melodic hard rock of that period then this album is most definitely for you.

Bush writes neatly evocative power ballads (The Story Of Love, The Secret) and also uptempo anthems (Warrior, Born To Win) and delivers both of these styles with equal flair and enthusiasm.

Never overcomplicating what he does, Bush is simply out to entertain in the same manner that has been his trademark now for 35 years.

He also revisits arguably his two most famous songs, namely The Touch and Dare, which first came to prominence in 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie. Neither are done differently to the original versions, so it’s hard to understand quite why he’s done it. Still, this is an enjoyable retro romp.