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Sonisphere 2014: Carcass

It gets a bit extreme on the second stage

How do you bill a stage that's due to be headlined by Slayer? Get Carcass in, of course! Here's what went down on the Soni Saturn stage.

Hitting the Saturn stage as the rain continues to fall over Knebworth are British extreme metal heavyweights Carcass, and by the sound of it they’re here to make a statement today. The relentless fast pace and brutality of it may be a little much for those that are nursing hangovers, but it doesn’t take long for the pit to open up and the headbanging to begin as the masters of grind rip Sonisphere a new one.

In between his furious screams, Jeff Walker is typically outspoken and unapologetic as he lectures the crowd: “This is real live music,” he snarls, without malice; “No fucking computers or triggers here. All the mistakes, all the bullshit coming out of my mouth,” he says, breaking into a wide grin, “are all real.” Fair enough - you can’t fault their sincerity, and neither can the Sonisphere punters evidently as they cheer them on. There’s a rather lovely moment when former drummer Ken Owen is brought out on stage - having retired due to deteriorating health, he nevertheless looks thrilled to be in front of fans once again for a short moment as Jeff leads the crowd in saluting him, giving credit where credit is due.

After expressing his gratitude to the Soni crowd, during which Bill Steer shies away (much to Jeff’s amusement), they give the crowd one last chance to go apeshit with the excellent, live favourite Heartwork. Challenge accepted. Welcome back, boys.