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Servers: Leave With Us

South Yorkshire three-piece make an impressive debut

The return of Undergroove Records after a two-year absence has been met with excitement from those in the know. The result is that there is a little pressure on their first new signings, Servers. Mind you, you wouldn’t know it to listen to Leave With Us.

Former GU Medicine frontman Lee Storrar’s churning guitar lines and towering vocal melodies lead us through 10 tracks that draw influence from the likes of QOTSA and, more indirectly, Isis and Sabbath.

The cacophonous fist-pump of Universes And Supernovas is neatly served by swooning strings and gives the first indication that this is more than your standard rock album. It’s lyrically where things start to get really interesting, though, Lee’s obsession with cult leaders making for intriguing narrative threads about some bonkers people.

A charming, devilishly potent record that will reward you.