Sepultura/Tambours Du Bronx: Metal Veins: Alive At Rock In Rio

Metal stalwarts impress on home turf.

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As far as live collaborations go, this one is particularly special. Now in their 30th year as a band, Brazilian metal titans Sepultura are releasing this live CD (also available in DVD and Blu-ray formats) of their performance at Rock In Rio 2013 – where they played with French percussionists Les Tambours Du Bronx.

Though both groups deal in the booming strains of dark, heavy music, their chosen genres are quite different – Sepultura blend groove, thrash and death metal, while Les Tambours Du Bronx’s 17-strong team expel rumbling, industrial rhythms on oil drums, adding some electronic elements and techno beats into their mix.

These differences prove to be a perfect pairing – a multi-layered, truly tribal celebration of heavy music. All delivered with a sense of urgency, the strength and groove of Sepultura favourites such as Refuse/Resist and the mighty Roots Bloody Roots take on a new, often terrifying yet always powerful lease of life alongside the percussionists, and the roaring cover of The Prodigy’s Firestarter is a brilliant addition.

Overall, this is a perfect way for the Brazilians to celebrate a milestone in their career./o:p