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Seasick Steve: Sonic Soul Surfer

Old-school bluesman returns with more out-of-time tunes.

Seasick Steve, a man who looks and sounds like he was invented by Harper Lee during a fever dream, never makes life more complicated than it needs to be, and his seventh album is another celebration of the simple things in life.

He sets out his stall with Roy’s Gang, a rambunctious stomp-along about the joys of life on the road. As ever he’s single-mindedly out of step with the modern world. Fiddles dance, his home-made guitars wail, a jaw harp twangs across Summertime Boy like a cricket with ants in its pants.

The air of positivity makes the gradual slow-down to the reflective closer Heart Full Of Scars – about his heart attack and the effects on his psyche – all the more moving, evidence that, deep down, this is about so much more than just the good ol’ boy schtick./o:p