Sammy Hagar - This Is Sammy Hagar: When The Party Started –Volume 1 album review

Are you ready to Wabo?

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Van Hagar remains one of the most contentious events in the history of modern rock’n’roll. But the important thing to remember is that when Hagar left Halen, allowing the world to right itself once again, he didn’t simply turn into a tequila salesman. He turned into a tequila salesman with a band.

When the Party Started – Volume 1 is a compilation of the Red Rocker’s hand-picked faves from his post-Halen outfit The Waboritas, who released a slew of under-the-radar albums from 1999 to 2006. For the most part, the songs fit the classic Hagar mode – late-70s party rock that occasionally gives way to hardcore schmaltz. Highlights include storming, zooming opener Stand Up, the crunching screamalongTen 13, and a funky outtake version of Shag, a fan fave from the first Wabos album, 1999’s Red Voodoo.

Party also includes a couple of brand new tracks: No Worries and Never Say Goodbye, both breezy, acoustic numbers, as well as some ukulele bullshit and lots of cheeseball balladry. The total Sammy Hagar experience, in other words.