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Rumahoy - The Triumph Of Piracy album review

Patched together pirate metallers offer a rum do

Cover art for Rumahoy - The Triumph Of Piracy album

The tongue is always placed firmly in cheek when it comes to pirate metal, but with Rumahoy (good name, lads) it’s possibly cemented there. It’s not their music that raises a cynical eyebrow (the jolly singsongs with a pagan spin are actually quite enjoyable) but rather the press shots, revealing four guys in shiny polyester pirate garb, possibly panic-bought online, and – for dramatic effect – balaclavas because, well, who knows? With members called Cabinboy Treasurequest and Bootsman Walktheplank, they’ve probably been at the pirate name generator, too. But jokes aside The Triumph Of Piracy is unadulterated riff-addled fun, most evident on the bawdy but catchy as hell Forest Party and The Haitian Slam. Lyrically, this is as wedded to pirate speak as it gets with the odd, added nod to modern culture (Netflix And Yarr… lols), while the irrepressible guitar solo that rips through the closing, 10-minute title track finds Captain Yarrface and his mates in their element.