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Royal Trux - Platinum Tips + Ice Cream album review

The king and queen of downtown cool return

Cover art for Royal Trux - Platinum Tips + Ice Cream album

There was a time when Royal Trux were the coolest band in the world, untouchable in their impeccable downtown snarls and squeals, a beautifully shambolic wall of noise and natty threads, somewhere between the Rolling Stones and a garbage truck engulfed in flames. The band dried up and blew away around the dawn of this dreadful new century, but Trux prime movers Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema grew out their bangs, duck taped their jeans and got the band back together a couple of years back.

This live album is the first fruit of their labours. The cuts are from two shows recorded in LA and New York, and true to form, they’re presented raw, ragged and (if you wanna believe the hype) completely unrehearsed. It’s kind of a mess, but that’s pretty much the point. It’s still not cool to do your homework, man. And Junkie Nurse and Platinum Tips are still hot as fuck.